Answers to Some Questions About the Social Network TikTok

What is TikTok? And how does this social network differ from others? Would you like to get answers to this and other questions? We offer a brief educational program on the TikTok service. Everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.


  • Answers to popular questions about TikTok
  • How does TikTok differ from similar social networks?
  • How to become popular?
  • How is TikTok related to Instagram?
  • Features of TikTok
  • Conclusion

Answers to popular questions about TikTok

TikTok is a sensational social network increasing its audience every day. Today, downloading the official app of this service on Android and iOS has surpassed the number of Instagram client installations. Why did this social network become so popular? In this article you will get answers to this and other questions about TikTok.

How does TikTok differ from similar social networks?

TikTok cannot be called original. Instagram has something similar, same was in and Vine. But thanks to the easy procedure of imposing music on the video, users have chosen this social network. The creators of the service promise that the imposition of music on your video will not violate copyright. All fragments of songs used in the large audio library of the application were purchased by its creators. Also, users of this social network can take advantage of several original effects, analogs of which you will not find in other social networks. Watch the popular Tik Tok videos and find the differences of this service from others.

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How to become popular?

Pay attention to other users who have already become popular. What content do they use? Try to do something in the same vein and the success is guaranteed. Do not forget about purely technical points: writing hashtags and descriptions of videos. Participate in regular challenges and you can climb the top of the ranking. Do you want more followers on Tik Tok? Be creative and original.

How is TikTok related to Instagram?

There is no direct connection between these social networks. But most successful Instagram bloggers have got their TikTok accounts. In addition, you can post a link to it on the TikTok service to promote your Instagram blog. The application allows to do this with no difficulty.

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Features of TikTok

The main tool of this service is the imposition of music on your video. To do this, simply tap the special icon. There appears a list of songs that can be used to be added to your video. The catalog is sorted by popularity and genre. You can also use special effects and other tools that are regularly added by the creators of this social network.


This is only a small fraction of the issues covered in this article. But in order to learn more about TikTok, simply register on this service. The procedure is very simple and will not cause problems. We are sure you will love this interesting platform.