Become Popular with the New Social Network Video Format

Be the center of attention with the new TikTok app! Increase the number of followers by shooting interesting videos to your favorite music. Share them on the social networks and get lots of likes and comments. Communicate, find interesting accounts and develop your own one!


  • TikTok is an alternative to other social networks
  • Start of work
  • Adding content
  • Achieving popularity on TikTok
  • Important details
  • Speeding up the process of gaining followers
  • Developing your blog

TikTok is an alternative to other social networks

TikTok is an application for creating short videos that won the hearts of millions! Here you can record a video to your favorite song. The application has functions for removing all the blots: getting in sync with the music, special effects, filters, and more. In addition, the result can be published in the social networks to get likes and comments. Are you interested in more Tik Tok followers? Learn how to get followers fast on Tik Tok in this article.

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Start of work

Install the application and register there. Without registration, you can only watch video, but not post your own ones.

In the app you can follow famous bloggers or celebrities and watch their lives.

You can set up your account: add information about yourself and a profile picture.

Adding content

To upload a video on TikTok, either take a video in the application by tapping the camera button in the center, or use an earlier filmed video.

In this case, you can use several videos that will smoothly replace each other.

Having uploaded the video, you are invited to process it with the help of various filters, adjust its duration, speed.

You can also choose the cover of the video, colors, impose music.

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Achieving popularity on TikTok

As with any social network, there are followers who measure your popularity.

To achieve a large number of fans, there are various methods of how to increase Tik Tok followers.

  • First of all, as in any social network, a large role is played by how aesthetic your profile is. It should have a specific theme and positioning.
  • Secondly, thoughtful content. It should be interesting and attractive. The application has a feed with recommendations, where there are the most interesting videos.
  • Third, use hashtags by which other users can find you. Hashtags must match the subject of the video.

Important details

How to get TikTok followers quickly?

  • Post videos regularly, shoot live streaming. People love live accounts
  • Be yourself, do not try to become who you are not. Sincerity attracts
  • Use the latest music, which is at the peak of popularity
  • Share likes and comments with other users, be active

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Speeding up the process of gaining followers

Use special services. But give preference to the long-existing well-proven services, with the good feedback.

Use “mutual PR” with other users. This method will be quite effective and free.

You can also buy ads from popular users, for example, from bloggers. Choose a blogger whose target audience is right for you. The main thing is that your account should be well thought out and have its individual style.

Developing your blog

From this point on, you know how to become popular on TikTok. Use your knowledge in practice and be happy with your new hobby. Good luck!