Chatting To Fans on TikTok

Today there are several basic ways to communicate with fans on TikTok. The simplest of them is live streaming, publishing individual posts and chatting in comments, chat rooms. Many people ask, can you edit post on Tik Tok to update actual information for the followers? Yes, this can be done through the special post settings. To conduct broadcasts you need to gain popularity and get at least a thousand free Tik Tok fans. But no one forbids using the third-party services, such as All-SMM and buy followers.


  • Communication with followers
  • Live streaming
  • Comments
  • Separate posts
  • Conclusion

Communication with followers

Communication with followers on TikTok is an important component for the development of your account. This is especially important if you plan to create a truly popular account with thousands of followers. To maintain interest in your person, you will have to read the comments and respond to them. It is quite simple to do this, but a little preparation is required – it is necessary to quickly and simply respond to the comments in order not to spend a lot of time, and followers do not have additional questions.

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Live streaming

The easiest way to interact with the followers is to conduct live broadcasts. This allows to entertain them in real time with dances, and to answer questions in the pauses between songs. It is best to notify fans in advance of the start of live streaming – this will allow to collect more likes and viewers. This means that the popularity of the account will increase significantly.


Commenting is also an important part of creating a popular TikTok account. However, remember that responding to all comments is time consuming. It is best to do differently. Read the comments, find the most popular ones, and highlight those questions that occur more than once. After that, you can create a separate post where you will answer the most popular questions.

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Separate posts

As for the individual posts, this is a great way to maintain feedback from the followers. For example, in such posts you can ask what content your viewers want most. Feedback always allows to collect positive and negative feedback about your activities. And this means that you will understand the direction to develop your channel.


Summing it up, it is necessary to say that communication with followers is the most important component of any popular person in social networks. This applies not only to the account holders on Instagram or YouTube, but also on TikTok.