Generating leads in Instagram

Using Instagram for advertising campaigns is an effective means of promoting products and services. In this social network, the number of registered accounts has long exceeded one billion, which indicates great opportunities to attract customers. Instagram offers many features that allow you to attract a target audience, and generating leads is a special place among them.


  1. What is lead generation?
  2. Main advantages of leads
  3. How does lead-based advertising work
  4. Creating an ad campaign with lead generation
  5. Creating an ad
  6. Lead generation form
  7. Conclusion

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What is lead generation?

Lead generation refers to the process of generating audience interest in the company’s products or services. On Instagram, it is the opening of an “instant form” through which the client can fill out certain information about themselves or order feedback. Instagram for lead generation is the best tool, it is a social network of active people who are ready to purchase goods and services that will interest them.

Ads are shown only to potential customers who are highly likely to respond to the post. The target audience is determined by a set of behavioral factors. Among the users who viewed the post, there will not be those who do not have a need for this information. This ensures a high level of conversion of the target audience into the company’s customers.

Main advantages of leads

Depending on the company’s approach, Instagram lead ads can become both a primary and auxiliary means of attracting customers. It has great efficiency. Experts note the following advantages of using leads:

  • the minimum level of advertising costs;
  • get results quickly;
  • ease of perception.

The use of leads does not require large expenses, the display of posts is inexpensive, and a significant part of the target audience responds to them. Both the minimum cost level and the speed of getting results are related. The company is guaranteed to get customers who will purchase services, many times exceeding the funds spent on advertising. It is quite simple to get leads from Instagram since you don’t have to deal with the “banner blindness “effect. The ad post is located in the General feed, so the audience will definitely pay attention to it.

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How does lead-based advertising work

The principle of advertising with lead generation is simple. The target audience is determined from a set of very different data: under which posts the user put likes, which posts he posted, what he is interested in, frequently visited sites recently, what comments he makes, where he works.

An additional advantage of lead generation is that the company receives information about users ‘ interests. This allows you to study the target audience more deeply in order to influence it more subtly in the future. As a result, the customer base increases significantly.

A good way to promote a product is to offer a discount. This way the user will be more willing to fill in the lead in order to purchase products on favorable terms. In this case, the user only needs to fill in the name and phone number. Then the company’s specialists will contact them to tell them more about the offered service.

Creating an ad campaign with lead generation

To create a post, you need to go to the Instagram advertising account and select lead generation as your goal. After that, you need to come up with the name of the campaign, and then select the account from which it will be carried out. For further work, you need to confirm your agreement with the terms of the user agreement.

The next step is to identify the potential target audience. The parameters include gender, age, interests, geography, and business sphere. The Instagram feed is selected as the place where the ad post is displayed, and the limit of impressions per day is determined. When determining the budget, automatic and manual rates are available, the first option in most cases demonstrates greater efficiency.

Creating an ad

To help you create your post you must perform the following actions:

  1. select the ad name and the account from which the ad will be displayed;
  2. select the ad format (group of images, single image, single video, or slide show);
  3. writing the ad text and defining the main parameters (title, image, description of the link in the news feed, link to display);
  4. determining the optimal call to action for the situation (download, submit an application, get detailed information, subscribe, register).

The number of characters in the post is limited. Part of the text may be hidden behind the “More” button, which is rarely clicked in advertising posts. All information should fit in a few lines. You need to formulate it so that it correctly affects the target audience without unnecessary words.

Ads and lead generation can be created independently or with the involvement of specialists. The latter option will help you run your campaign more effectively, get a high level of sales by increasing the number of followers and other important indicators. To do this, you can use the ALL-SMM service, which will help you achieve optimal results at a low price.

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Lead generation form

Before you start displaying an ad, you must set up a lead generation form. After clicking on the ad, the user will see a certain form with questions, all its content is subject to editing by the advertiser.

There should not be too many questions, otherwise there is a risk of alienating a potential buyer. You need to find out only the data that will help you determine the target audience in the future. This information includes contact information, gender, age, city of residence, and place of work. You must provide a link to the company’s privacy Policy so that the user can get a guarantee that their personal information will not get to third parties. On the “thank You” screen, you should express your gratitude for providing data that will benefit the company.


Advertising with lead generation helps to solve two important tasks at once. First, it is the sale of goods and services to the target audience. Secondly, it is the study of users ‘ interests, understanding the tastes of their customers. All this allows you to fine-tune your ads in the future and increase your conversion rate.