How to get more friends on Instagram

Are you interested in increasing the number of subscribers? Use the recommendations of experts to increase your popularity in the social network. The higher the traffic to your profile, the faster you will be able to monetize it. Let’s look at how to invite Facebook friends to Instagram and significantly increase your friendlist through new subscribers.


  1. Adding Facebook friends to Instagram
  2. Via tags and invitations on Instagram
  3. via Facebook
  4. Through other types of mailings
  5. Attracting new friends to Instagram
  6. Hashtags
  7. High-quality photos
  8. Via geotags
  9. Active liking and following
  10. Contests and mutual promotion

Adding Facebook friends to Instagram

If you already have your own Instagram profile, use the “Invite friends” section or make a mark. Most people respond immediately, install the app, and sign up to keep up with your business and events.

Via tags and invitations on Instagram

  • Log in to Instagram with your account.

· Open the Settings section (upper right corner).

  • In the Invite friends section, select one of the two suggested values: find friends within the Instagram network.

• In any post or photo, you should tag your friends’ Instagram by writing their nickname with the @ symbol at the beginning (for example: @anechka_pavlova) in the comment or the “Mark people” function.

Inside Instagram, friends will immediately see your invitation and can respond to it by clicking on your avatar. The flag signal will also be sent to a friend’s feed – they will decide whether to confirm this link or not. Accordingly, your list of friends will start to increase. The app settings significantly help you easily and quickly get a lot of people to follow.

Via Facebook

It happens that you have a lot of friends, but few of them use such a popular network as Instagram. How to get more friends on Instagram if not all of them use The app? Facebook Instagram is the brainchild of This largest network in the world. Therefore, invitations are sent out simply and automatically:

  • Log in to Facebook.

· Send invitations to all your friends by sending them the appropriate link through your settings.

  • Friends will see the link, follow it, and register quickly and easily thanks to their existing Facebook account.

You can inform them about this app, signal your presence, and give them a reason to register. The initiative will help to significantly increase your friendlist and the number of views.

Through other types of mailings

You can also send an e-mail with automatically created text to other social networks. This can be a letter to the VK, email, or SMS to the phone.

Attracting new friends to Instagram

High-quality photos, interesting and informative publications are the key to success in the social network. Use these promotion methods and you won’t have to worry about the number of likes! Popularity will find you. You can also use special services, such as ALL-SMM, to increase the number of likes, subscribers, and other necessary indicators.


Just place hashtags that match the meaning and content of each post (subject words and names using the # sign, for example: # travel, #love, #Moscow, etc.). People search for news by words and titles, so your post will appear in their feed automatically if it matches. It is important to use both popular and rare tags. usage statistics are displayed when you try to write a word after the “grid” icon.

High-quality photos

A beautiful and aesthetically designed account is more addictive than anything because Instagram is a social network focused on visual content. Post interesting, original and well-crafted photos. Now there is such an abundance of photo editors that it is a sin not to take advantage of their capabilities. Stories can be gleaned from promoted istablerow, in life or cinema. Be sure to filter images, put emojis on statuses and sign photos with interesting phrases.

Geo tag

Geographical location marks similarly attract people’s attention. Users are interested in photos or news that show their cities, streets, countries, and regions. It’s nice to know that someone nearby is posting interesting news or beautiful photos. And someone wants to move to this country or see the places that you have marked. Therefore, many will subscribe to you as a countryman or an interesting neighbor.

Active liking and following

Don’t expect attention from others – give it yourself. Like a photo from the ribbon, put smileys and thanks for the interesting posts of other users. They will appreciate your compliments, similarly subscribe to you-about 50-60% do so. Let their interest be temporary, but the effect will be necessary. And this is a legitimate way to promote – you just communicate.

Contests and mutual promotion

You can make friends with a famous person and ask her to support you in the promotion. As an option, you can offer your services in exchange for the design or drafting of texts for posts. However, celebrities are unlikely to be interested in friendship if your profile is less popular and has few followers. Another option is to arrange motivational contests, they always attract attention, especially with prizes (even symbolic). If the contest requires participants to mark their friends in comments, then the page traffic will increase tenfold.

Success in social networks requires a careful and even professional approach to profile promotion. A special online service, such as ALL-SMM, can help you with this issue. It will ensure a fast flow of audience, likes and numerous followers on Instagram while using completely legal and safe methods of promotion. Develop your profile and have fun with creativity!