How to make a video in Instagram

So, you launched your Own Instagram channel and started filling it with bright and interesting materials. What should I do if the video requires design improvements? You need to add text to Instagram video, don’t you? Add special effects to the video? This is not a problem if you use the recommendations of experienced users.


1.        How to apply music to videos on Instagram

  •  Via the InShot mobile app
  •  Via PC
  •  Via the ClipChamp online service

2.        How to overlay texts on Insta videos

  • Via InShot
  • Via camera functions

3.        Conclusion

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How to apply music to videos on Instagram

A good video is always a cool soundtrack that will emphasize the mood and create the right atmosphere. And sometimes the sound actually determines the whole task: it makes the video even funnier, more romantic, or causes a violent reaction from the audience. If your goal is to put music on the footage, pay attention to these methods.

In General, there are three main ways to apply music to Insta-video: video processing via applications, software on a PC, or online services.

Via the InShot mobile app

It is enough to download any suitable app for Insta-video through the AppStore / PlayMarket – and almost ready-made video in your pocket. Most people use InShot today – This app helps you edit videos right after shooting. This is a convenient and powerful tool that will help you overlay an entire photo network and the desired audio tracks.

Via PC

Just select a simple popular program like Movie Maker or Movavi on your computer and you will have a beautiful video with a sound track, all this can be “piled” in a few minutes. These are common editors that don’t need any more complicated ones, because Instagram is designed for quick and convenient editing.

Via the ClipChamp online service

Every day, the capabilities of mobile apps and their services for processing visual content are increasing. All you need to do is add an audio track.the YouTube editor is enough for That. But if you want something more advanced, use ClipChamp. This service helps you overlay multiple layers of audio tracks and align the volume level. It is convenient to use an extensive library of sound effects and music. You don’t need to download audio for processing.

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How to overlay texts on Insta videos

A feature of a social network like Instagram is its initial focus on visual content. Here you can make the most of your creative talents by posting bright, interesting photos, “catchy” videos and gifs. By its” virality”, Instagram has surpassed many competitors, which means that you will be successful! The very principle of the social network is based on the use of mobile gadgets and applications. You don’t need a computer or a Studio – everything can be done on the go, with a smartphone in your hand.

However, it is important to take care of the quality design of the channel in order to implement your projects and attract an audience. In stories often get videos: recommended, with a curious, shock inscription, emojis. How do I do something similar? People are attracted to labels, many click views directly automatically, reacting to the label! Also, many bloggers are faced with the need to overlay subtitles or other types of texts on their video. But not everyone knows how this is done technically. Let’s look at several options.

Via InShot

You will need the InShot app, where you need to select the appropriate video in the menu.

1.        Setting the scale 1×1.

2.        We move the image down so that the label bar remains up.

3.        Click on the checkmark and select the “Text” function.

4.        Enter a bright, enticing caption for the title. Adding emojis for beauty.

5.        Check the box to save the processed video.

That’s it, your beautiful signed video is ready for publication.

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Via camera functions

In camera mode, you can create labels in different fonts – from typewriter to neon glow, with tilt or modern. You can also change the color palette by clicking on the corresponding color circle. The background can be made solid or transparent (in this case, you can take a separate photo as the background).

1.        After removing the video, click on the center arrow button.

2.        Go to the news section in the corner at the bottom left.

3.        Tap your avatar, upload a photo, or create a story.

4.        To add text, click the ” AA ” icon in the upper-right corner.

5.        Finish forming the label. Adjust the color and font when placing text.

6.        After creating the text, tap the top right checkmark.

7.        Hold the checkmark with your finger and move the text to the desired position. If you drag the check markdown, the text will be deleted (swiped).

8.        Post the story on Instagram for everyone to see.

Via GIF stickers in stories

If you want to create an animated caption on a video in stories, you can use special GIF stickers. They can only be used in materials published in stories, but they can’t be applied to regular posts with photos or videos.

The Instagram database contains a large selection of such stickers. Three simple steps are enough to create a “live label”:

1.        Go to the stories section and create the desired photo or video.

2.        During editing, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open a menu with stickers.

3.        Click on the ” GIF ” type, select the appropriate option for the caption with an Emoji symbol for food, drinks, animals, etc. attach It to the image and save it.

The inscription in stories, you can make mobile. Tap and hold the text and you can drag it to the desired location.

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Instagram’s technologies are not standing still. Now you can always make your Insta-video look beautiful and impressive using text and music, change the position of labels on the screen, font, color, and speed of music scrolling. Just remember that publishing in stories lasts only one day. Optionally, you can save these stories to a group of users in your profile.

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