Instagram wedding: how to make an event popular

A wedding is one of the main events in the life of any couple. With the development of social networks, such events have taken on new colors: newlyweds make a huge number of publications on the social network, telling everyone about how their wedding is going. Popular wedding hashtags Instagram have appeared. You can find various ideas for the event, for the bride’s dress and groom’s costume, as well as look at how other couples celebrate. The creators of the social network specifically create separate Instagram wedding filters to emphasize the importance of this event.


  • Wedding and Instagram
  • How can you make an event memorable
  • Live broadcast
  • Stories all day
  • Marks
  • Separate account
  • Conclusion

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Wedding and Instagram

Almost any bride who has her own Instagram account at least once, but makes a thematic publication. Everyone wants to tell about their wedding, show their dress, and introduce subscribers to interesting guests. However, today Instagram can provide full coverage of this event: launch live broadcasts, publish stories, posts, and mark your friends on them. This is a unique opportunity that allows you to introduce a huge number of people to your wedding. Moreover, you can also choose the right hashtags to get new Instagram followers. So your wedding will be an unforgettable event for thousands of users of the social network.

How can you make an event memorable

Instagram has a lot of features that will allow your wedding to become famous not only in your hometown but also in the whole world. The question is what resources you have, as well as your willingness to devote yourself to promoting the event among other users. For example, you can buy ads in the largest accounts that are dedicated to events and publish thematically posts with ideas. In addition, you can order advertising in specialized publications, which will significantly increase the audience coverage. You can also make several posts in profiles dedicated to the life of your hometown to attract the attention of people from a particular area.

Live broadcast

It is quite simple to start a live broadcast using this social network. There is a separate menu item for this purpose. However, why should I use a live broadcast at all and where exactly should I launch it? First, you can make a small inclusion from the preparation stage in the morning, before the wedding. A few shots of the bride getting ready, making up and dressing. Then you should make the inclusion on the way to the registry office: show subscribers the bride in all its glory. A few more inclusions can be made throughout the day: from the very act of marriage and of course from the restaurant when the newlyweds will cut the cake.

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Stories all day

Another great way to remember this day for a long time is to publish stories and save them later. Any significant event can be placed in your account, but you will not clutter the feed. Everyone will just find out that you have a wedding and see some funny or just a beautiful frame. For example, from the same restaurant, or from a car. This approach allows you to get beautiful photos from the entire process. In addition, these photos will be livelier than the work of professional photographers.


After the publication of each photo in the ribbon, you need to notify the guests that they celebrated each other. This is especially important if there are several dozen guests at the wedding: you will simply spend precious time searching for each of them and placing a mark on their face. In addition, it is not always possible to find the necessary account — many people forget that they can be marked and therefore choose a non-existent long name. This trend has a negative impact on overall coverage. If most of the guests are marked, then the coverage will increase. In addition, many guests will want to repost entries to their profile, which will further increase the number of users who will see the desired content.

A separate account

Another interesting solution for a wedding is to create a separate account dedicated to this event. In the future, it can be used as a personal account of a married couple. It can be used by both newlyweds and a special Manager who will be hired for the days of the wedding. In your account, you can post any photos from the event, as well as arguments about how difficult it is to hold a really interesting wedding. Many people believe that such measures are unnecessary, but in fact, individual wedding accounts can greatly brighten up the memories of the event. In addition, in the future, this account can be used as a reminder or as a family photo album. People refuse to take paper photos when they publish them on social networks. Who said Instagram can’t be a new family photo album?

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In conclusion, it should be noted that the listed ways to make a wedding a popular and significant event for the community are not exhaustive. No one bothers to use the built-in advertising tools and attract the attention of more users. You can buy ads in profile accounts that publish wedding dresses. In addition, you can always use a dozen other tools that allow you to increase your audience coverage. However, do not forget that a wedding is a holiday, first of all, for two people. It is not necessary to reduce everything to the fact that the event became popular in the social network — first of all, it should bring pleasure to two specific people.