Rules for attractive content in Instagram

Social networks allow you not only to express your thoughts but also to monetize your earnings. But for this, you should take care of how to create engaging Instagram content. Simple rules for creating a profile will help you increase Instagram followers, which will provide you with feedback in the form of positive reviews, saves, and likes.


  • Why is it important to create a beautiful profile
  • Visual design
  • The content of posts
  • Latest updates that allow you to make useful content
  • Conclusion

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Why is it important to create a beautiful profile

As they say: “Meet on clothes, see off on mind”. In this case, clothing is the visual design of all photos and profile caps. And the mind – the content of posts. A competent combination of such simple components will allow you to ensure a constant influx of new users and replenishment of positive comments.

If you are thinking about the next: should you post different content on Facebook and Instagram, the question is obvious – these are two different niches. And preparing photos and posts for Instagram requires a different approach, which will be discussed below.

Visual design

You will need to work on the photos. It is desirable to arrange everything in one style, which is determined by the General theme of the profile. If you write to your readers about the art of photography, it will be fascinating to design the tape in a retro style. But it is better to give more technical directions in the direction of blue, purple and even lilac colors, which will emphasize the theme.

Many people use such features as presets. This is an already prepared set of filters, the combination of which will allow you to instantly process any frame for the desired style. They are developed by many popular bloggers and are available for sale on the Internet. You can choose the best option for your profile.

If you can’t purchase a preset, you can use an alternative. Each photo does not need to be customized for special shades, let them be natural with a small addition of Photoshop for colorfulness. The highlight of this profile will be the frame around each image. It can be made textured or simply colored. But the white version looks better.

If there are other ways to make your posts ‘ feed visually appealing, don’t be afraid to experiment. There are many apps in the public domain that allow you to see what a page with pre-prepared images will look like. You can upload the intended content in them and make sure that the design is beautiful before publishing it to the social network.

Content of posts

As the practice of already popular bloggers shows, keeping your page without any sense is a lost cause. The issue was revealed in detail by the famous fitness blogger and writer Alexandra Mitroshina in her new book about running a personal blog. She told on her experience that it is better to write worthwhile texts under the photo, rather than putting a few emoticons and filling the void with meaningless phrases.

It is difficult to determine what you want to convey to people if there is no specific idea. For example, photographers or artists who can write about their work. Others are more difficult.

Take a sheet of paper and select all the topics of interest for yourself. Right down to discussing books or cooking. Also, write down the topics that you care about. This may be some social issues or global news topics. These options collect a lot of active users.

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The most popular topics are the following:

  • Weight loss, proper nutrition, fitness. Information about recipes for quick weight loss is published. Training program. Advertising of large projects about proper weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is carried out.
  • Feminism. Many are fighting for women’s rights, seeking the introduction of a law on domestic violence. The potential of women is being revealed and their ability to be in higher-paying positions is being protected.
  • Body positive movement. Love for your body is promoted, regardless of weight, height, and other physiological problems.
  • Self-development. They talk about efficiency and personal growth. Author’s books or works of other authors in these areas are advertised.

Any of them requires careful preparation. If something is related to health or development, then a detailed study of the issue is necessary. Many readers will be educated and will be able to immediately point out the inaccuracies of any information. Don’t forget to confirm your words with real facts and research. Then the prepared content will be in demand. And to get 50 likes on Instagram for your first works will become easier.

Latest updates that allow you to make useful content

If you want to develop your blog up to monetization, you should watch the updates of the social network. Recent tests have presented the ability to go from stories directly to the chat, thus inviting any user. This new product appealed to the owners of personal pages that do not seek popularity. But users with a large audience said that their direct has more spam because of constant invitations through stories.

They also plan to add group stories. You can put any videos in the feed with several friends at once. But again, the feature will be of little interest to user blogs. But it is worth watching the development of the project, perhaps such stories can improve the quality of the proposed content.

Useful article: “Rules for attractive content in Instagram


High-quality content will not keep you waiting for a long time and after a week of work on the profile will allow you to get the first active readers. You can also reduce the waiting time and get Instagram likes and followers faster by cheating. This method is effective and fast. At the same time, you can choose the required number of subscribers or likes.