Secrets of editing videos for Instagram

Video content on Instagram is becoming more popular. In the network, there are not just videos taken on the phone, but also entire mounted clips and movies. According to unofficial data, this is the content format that the app itself actively promotes. You can get more Instagram views with videos than photos, so they pop up more often in the recommendations column.


  • how to make a beautiful video for Instagram
  • how to add music
  • how to post a video to Instagram
  • video for the feed
  • video for history
  • video for IGTV
  • how to tag users in a video

            How to make a beautiful video for Instagram

A smartphone user needs only 2-3 apps to create a really spectacular video with music. An iPhone owner can edit video for Instagram in the basic IMovie app. This editor allows you to glue several segments from different videos, change the playback speed, and add text blocks to music.

Please note! Initially, you need to shoot the video horizontally. Vertical videos after editing will get black side fields that interfere with the perception.

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The well-known Vsco app also has a video editor. It allows you to apply color filters to videos. A version is available for paid subscription owners. The Insize app will help you change the video size.

Please note! Before you edit video for Instagram, think about the whole picture. Imagine the plot of the video in your head in advance, and then glue and cut out the fragments.

The Instagram app itself also has a built-in video editor. It has more than 20 effects, each of which can be customized. Basic filters from Instagram have lost their popularity, but this does not mean that they should not be used. The right combination of several effects at a low intensity will help add new colors to the video.

            How to add music

Any video looks more interesting with the appropriate musical accompaniment. Many users don’t know how to add music to an Instagram video. You can add a track using additional apps:

  • lomofit;
  • videoSound;
  • splice;
  • fizy;
  • magisto.

In these applications, users can choose a song they like from the General list, their playlist, or find it in the search. The app automatically cuts the track to fit the video. In some of the services, you can manually select the desired piece of music.

Advice! You can add any song to a video without editor watermarks or cropped verses in the SonyVegas app on your computer. This is what professional editors and large bloggers who value the quality of content do. This path is more complicated, it takes more time, but the video comes out more professional.

            How to post a video to Instagram

The app has 3 possible internal video platforms: feed, stories, and IGTV. Each of them has its own characteristics.

              Video for the feed

The classic and first place to post a video on Instagram is the main profile. You can publish a video in 2 sizes: a standard square and an elongated rectangle.  The available video duration is 1 minute. If the video is more, Instagram itself will cut off the extra tail.

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Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Click on the cross in the middle of the bottom bar of the screen.
  3. Find the video you want to publish.
  4. Click on the “next” button in the upper right corner.
  5. Add effects to the video.
  6. Write a description of the publication in the text field.
  7. Publish content to your profile.

Advice! If you need to publish a 2-minute video in the profile, you should use the carousel, cutting the video into 2 parts in advance and uploading one after the other.

              Video for stories

Stories have become one of Instagram’s most used tools. You can add a ready-made video to them or immediately shoot it using the built-in camera. A special feature of the format is the ability to upload vertical videos and change the size of the video in the app itself.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Run the application.
  2. Open your profile.
  3. Click on the blue plus in your profile photo.
  4. Swipe up on the screen to open the file library.
  5. Select the desired video.
  6. Add an inscription, sticker, and other attributes (optional).
  7. Publish your story by clicking on the button in the lower right corner.

Advice! If you want to hide the history from some users, you can create a special list of people in the settings who will not be able to watch videos in this section.

              Video for IGTV

The new product from Instagram allows users to post videos from 1 to 15 minutes long. Videos are saved in the IGTV tab and also published in the profile. Videos are placed horizontally.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Run the application.
  2. Open the main feed.
  3. Click on the TV image in the upper-right corner (next to direct).
  4. Select plus in the upper-right corner.
  5. Open the desired video.
  6. Select the cover for the video that will be displayed in the profile.
  7. Fill in the “name” and “description” fields.
  8. To publish IGTV.
  9. Check whether the video is displayed in the feed.

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How to tag users in a video

The tags on the video help other users to quickly switch to the participants of the video, and also serve as a reminder to those who are related to the content about its publication.

How to tag someone on an Instagram video

You can tag a friend or brand on a video by entering a nickname. You can do this immediately or by editing the post. Just click on the “tag user” tab in the editor. In stories, you just need to write the name of the person using @ in the text block. Instagram will find the user itself.

Please note! Check-in advance the clickability of a link to a friend in stories. Sometimes the application is buggy, not allowing you to go to the user.

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In IGTV, it is not possible to mark the user directly on the video, you can mention it in the description of the video.

It is not difficult to work with video content. The main thing is to choose convenient editing applications for yourself and fill your hand.