The Up-To-Date TikTok App

TikTok is rapidly gaining its popularity around the world. This social network receives not less love than Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook and others. But there are still people who have not heard about it, and are not aware of this app benefits.


  • What is TikTok
  • How to use TikTok
  • Creating videos on TikTok
  • Why it is good to have a popular TikTok account
  • High rating of a TikTok profile

What is TikTok

The number of TikTok users reaches 500 million. This free app is available for download worldwide. You can install TikTok on any electronic device with either Android or iOS platform. The service appeared in 2016, but in Russia TikTok became well-known a bit later. The app is absolutely free. Usually fans of this social network are teenagers. But the older generation starts showing their interest in TikTok as well.

How to use TikTok

After downloading the app from the official store, registration is required. The registration process is very simple: it could be done either with a mobile phone number, email address or via major social networks. After registration, the user gets to the “Recommendations” section. For the beginner, it’s better to watch them in order to create interesting videos in future and increase the rating. A new Tik Tok funny video gets to “Recommendations” section after gaining a large number of views and likes.

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Creating videos on TikTok

It’s not that difficult to make your own video. To create an interesting one you need a high-quality camera. Followers love watching good-quality videos. To make the post original, you can use filters and effects in the settings. They add zest to the videos and attract the attention of followers. Regularly there appear the latest updates of the art filters, that can be downloaded from the official store. The recommended Tik Tok compilation 2019 mainly consists of original extraordinary videos different from other ones.

Why it is good to have a popular TikTok account

The high rating in the TikTok service allows the authors not only to gain popularity in the virtual and real world, but also to earn really well. You can run your business in a personal blog. For example, sell goods and services. There are significant savings on advertising, office rent and hiring employees.

Also on TikTok, you can earn on advertising of other people’s products and services. Advertisers choose users with good rating and a large audience of fans. Therefore, many people are trying to promote their accounts to start earning soon.

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High rating of a TikTok profile

You can either try to achieve a high TikTok rating yourself, or use the paid services specializing in the account promotion. Besides, Tik Tok cheat followers can be done in the free apps or during organizing giveaways and repost contests. Each method has its certain advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is important to choose the way of your personal TikTok account promotion thoroughly.

TikTok is not only an app designed for fun, but also a good way of making money. The popularity of this social network is growing with every day, as well as the number of users registered here.