TikTok Perspectives

Over the past two years, a platform called TikTok regularly enters the top 5 popular services available for download. All this became possible thanks to the constant updates and active marketing strategy. The development team competently uses the features and capabilities available to them, creating an interesting product. Every month there are new updates on TikTok. For example, how to add music on Tik Tok is one of the first possibilities that radically changed the perception of the service. What other features and capabilities may appear there on the social network in the coming years


  • What features may appear there in the service?
  • Update of live streaming
  • Own music
  • Work with the audience
  • Conclusion

What features may appear there in the service?

The creators of TikTok speak very carefully about their plans. Therefore, fans have to draw conclusions based on the information leaks, as well as on the basis of logical chains. One of the most anticipated opportunities concerns, how do people make money on Tik Tok. Today’s methods are not perfect and do not allow users to earn big money. However, the emergence of a built-in exchange of targeted advertising could change the situation for the better.

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Update of live streaming

Another expected feature is the update of live streaming. Leaks over the past year indicate that the development team is thinking about updating this feature. The main efforts aim at updating the network code, as well as at work with new equipment suppliers. According to the rumors, the team plans transferring its services to Amazon Web Services, which will significantly increase the quality and speed of live streaming.

Own music

Today TikTok supports the absolute majority of songs. However, users continue asking for a single service for sharing their own music. This would be an excellent platform for the development of less-known musicians who cannot break through the today’s limitations. It is thanks to TikTok that they could have a chance to gain popularity and increase the audience.

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Work with the audience

Another important aspect that requires processing is work with the audience. Service users would like to have more opportunities in interactions with their followers. This would increase the speed of their appearance. Today, one of the most convenient ways to ensure the followers growth is to contact the specialized services, such as All-SMM. They professionally promote the social media accounts, providing their customers with a steady growth of followers and views.


TikTok has every chance of becoming an industry leader in the coming years. Competitors do not have the capabilities that this social network provides to its users. With competent work of the development team, the service has a good chance to consolidate in the first positions. It remains to wait and see what will happen in reality.