Types of Instagram ads

Advertising on Instagram has a high level of efficiency. It helps you quickly find the target audience that needs your products and services. There are paid and free ways to promote Instagram account and products. They differ in the speed of obtaining the desired result.


  1. Free advertising on Instagram
  2. Messages in Direct
  3. Working with brand ambassadors
  4. Giveaway
  5. Mutual PR
  6. Paid advertising on Instagram
  7. The carousel of photos or videos
  8. Advertising with a button to go to the site
  9. Video
  10. Stories
  11. Conclusion

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Free advertising on Instagram

There are several ways to promote your account and your services in this social network for free. They become shareware for the reason that in some cases some attachments will still be required.

Messages in Direct

This method of marketing is used, and in some cases quite successfully. It is worth mentioning that you may get a penalty for sending spam, Instagram does not welcome such use of personal messages.

Using this approach does not make you think about how to place ads on Instagram, it is enough to find the pages of competitors. Then begins the painstaking work of luring other people’s audiences with the help of profitable offers in Direct. Many users do not respond to such messages, so it is difficult to assess their effectiveness.

Working with brand ambassadors

Companies offer their products to well-known bloggers. They wear it, thus creating native advertising. It can be explicit or hidden. Sometimes a greater effect can be achieved when a blogger does not insist on purchasing certain things, but simply constantly demonstrates their use in their daily life.

A fresh approach in this area is to “search for ambassadors” among regular users with an average of 300-400 subscribers. First, these users post stories, mark the brand, and then select (accidentally or intentionally) several people who will promote the company’s products.


Drawing prizes always helps to get a high level of interest among users. This is an effective Instagram ads that does not require any large investments. The approach to the promotion of services works in this way:

  1. gather a team of brands with a similar target audience;
  2. the amount of money for participation is collected;
  3. the money is used to purchase goods;
  4. advertising posts are created with the condition of the draw, which is the need to subscribe to all brands.

All parties benefit from this approach. Users get valuable prizes, and companies get new followers. In the end, everyone is happy.

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Mutual PR

When considering different types of Instagram ads, do not forget about mutual PR. To do this, you need to find an account with a similar target audience and offer to place advertising posts or stories with an offer to subscribe to each other. The right approach will help both users get subscriber growth.

The greatest difficulty of this approach is the ability to negotiate. You need to convince representatives of the company or the user that mutual PR will benefit everyone. The terms of mutual PR in each case are negotiated individually.

Paid advertising on Instagram

To get a quality service, you need to pay good money for it. Free methods will help you get some results, but it will not always be reliable enough. Paid advertising on Instagram is a guaranteed way to increase the number of subscribers, sales of goods and services, and attention to the brand.

The carousel of photos or videos

Successful content creation for the carousel can attract a lot of attention from users. Triggers and calls will help direct a person to perform targeted actions. This may require specialist help, otherwise, there is a risk of getting a lot of views and a small number of accounts that have actually made feedback. ALL-SMM service for profile promotion and account promotion on Instagram and other social articles becomes the best choice.

There is one important rule in the carousel. The first slide should capture the person’s attention, and the last one should be an incentive to click the action button.

Advertising with a button to go to the site

Advertising on Instagram is able to simultaneously draw attention to the account, and other company resources. The action button can be signed with different words. For example, “Submit an application” or “Register”. The appearance of the ad must match the services offered. Tourist services are always accompanied by magnificent views of the sea. From them, users really want to send a request faster to buy a ticket and have a good rest.


The set of views also plays an important role in some cases, and the video format is best suited for this. Advertising of this format is ideal for selling videos and promoting music videos.

Video content has recently become incredibly popular, and it is in this format that users watch issues of their favorite blogs. Choosing an ad in the form of a video can significantly increase the audience.

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Instagram offers two main places for placing ads-the feed and the story. The second option has a special property, it helps to interact more closely with the user. If a post can be flipped through and not noticed, then the story has a greater chance of catching a person’s attention. At the same time, you need to understand the features of the format, the story is on the screen for a few seconds, but during this time you need to convey a lot of information succinctly.

Like posts, stories can be a single photo, video, or carousel of content in different formats. The best option is a set of videos, each of which is nicely decorated. If earlier there were restrictions on the form of stories in Instagram, now content with different aspect ratios can be used (16:9, 1:1, 4:5, 2:3, and 9:16). This opens up space for original finds.


The effectiveness of advertising on Instagram is not in doubt. Many companies use the social network to promote products and services, including large brands and small local manufacturers. You can advertise your services on Instagram in various ways, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Paid advertising provided by the platform is the most effective, but its only drawback is the cost.