What are Instagram comments capable of?

Do you dream of forming a friendly and cohesive audience? No comments in this difficult case cannot do! In this article, we talk about the related secret tricks and techniques to increase Instagram engagement and reach.


1. General information

2. How to get subscribers to talk?

2.1. Engaging content

2.2. Storytelling

2.3. Activity

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General information

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms. Offering unlimited opportunities for Instagram promotion, it is chosen by many brands as an important marketing channel. For example, you can use it very successfully:

  • increase awareness;
  • to increase the coverage;
  • establish feedback;
  • attract additional paying customers;
  • Promptly resolve disputes and conflicts.

As in any social network, there are unspoken rules and established habits. One of the users’ favorite features is to actively share opinions (both positive and negative). It is noteworthy that many brands adhere to the position to delete comments on Instagram if they are angry or just not too pleasant is the primary task of any SMM specialist. This is a fatal error that risks resulting in total rejection of the company, the destruction of trust.

Popular Instagram comments start at the top. If the first opinion in the feed turns out to be negative, a competent SMM Manager is obliged to translate the communication into Direct and solve the issue individually. In this case, the left review cannot be eliminated in any case.

There is another mistake when Instagram comments limited. By forbidding subscribers to share their opinions, you are personally killing their interest and undermining their trust. Only well-established feedback can ensure the systematic and harmonious development of the brand.

How do I get the audience to talk?

Based on the information provided above, you might have guessed that comments are one of the most important tools of a social network. The more of them, the better. However, meaningless phrases left by bots are excluded from this rule. We need a qualitative component, not a quantitative one. It can only be achieved by bringing subscribers to an active and engaging dialogue. How do I do this? Below is a selection of the most effective ways!

Engaging content

Questions work best. You write a long rid on a relevant and topical topic, Express an opinion, and then ask followers to share their own views. Very well, if you come across a rather controversial and ambiguous problem, which can be considered from different sides.

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What is important to consider when applying this method?

  • Any comment left should get a response.
  • The time limit for responding to comments is two hours. At the expiration of the deadline information in the social network loses its importance.

In other words, not only your subscribers must be active, but also you.


One of the most effective and popular techniques. It works well in both personal profiles and business accounts. The only caveat – you need to be able to write in a fascinating and exciting way, to separate the main thing from the secondary, to convey the general idea.


A proven method that simply does not allow you to stay away! Arrange some simple quizzes or surveys, invite subscribers to share their favorite movies or make a riddle-there are a lot of options here. The main thing is to choose the one that fits the concept of the account.

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Summing up all of the above, we can conclude that comments are a very important tool that helps in the development of a profile. You need to work hard and build feedback if you want to gather an impressive loyal audience.