What is the ideal Instagram photo size for posts and stories?

Many Instagram users are sure that it is enough to make high-quality photos and just publish them in your feed, waiting for an avalanche of likes and comments from subscribers. However, you should immediately remember that no life hacks to get likes on Instagram will work if you do not know the simple rules of this social network. One of them is a clear restriction on the size of the images. Let’s understand the standards and rules together?


1. The correct photo format

2. How to make big pictures fit on Instagram

3. What should be the correct vertical and horizontal photos?

4. Good content, but no subscribers?


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The correct format of the photo exist?

Yes, and if you don’t follow the exact technical requirements, a beautiful professional image can be spoiled by automatic cropping or compression by an algorithm. Too small an image, on the contrary, will stretch and become blurry. You must agree that such a publication can hardly be called high-quality content that attracts Instagram followers. The modern audience is used to a decent product and quickly leaves those who do not meet the high bar of expectations.

So, the ideal Instagram photo size in pixels is 1080×1080. In centimeters, 1080 px is equivalent to 29 cm. The same resolution will look optimal in all other social networks, where you can repost from your account directly. Previously, the 640×640 format was adopted, but with the advent of more advanced cameras and smartphone screens, it has lost its relevance and is now considered unacceptable.

Who knows, maybe soon the allowed parameters will increase again? The maximum pixel resolution of a photo on Instagram is 1936×1936. All this is true for both publications in the feed and for stories.

How do I make large images suitable for Instagram?

The most accessible way for the average user is the standard Paint program.

1. Open the image in this photo editor.

2. Click on the menu item in the top row “Change size”.

3. Set the required value for each side in the window.

4. The format is changed, save the result and upload it to your page.

More advanced users can do this in Photoshop.

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The need to use a computer to edit photos is inconvenient and time-consuming for many people. If you are one of them, the photo is on your phone, and the processing period is limited by the deadline, you can use special applications to change the size of images for Instagram. There are several free and most popular options: InstaSize, No Crop, Whitagram. There are also paid versions of editors with advanced functionality that allows you to not use a PC at all and adequately design even commercial accounts.

What should be the correct vertical and horizontal photos?

If you want to publish a square photo, its parameters must meet the following standard: at least 600/600 px.

A vertical image of at least 600/750 px will do. Are you planning to publish a horizontal image? It must be at least 600/315 pixels. The upper threshold for all types of photo content is the same — no more than 1936\1936.

How do I know the size? Open the image on your PC and open the context menu with the right mouse button. Select “file information” and view the technical parameters.

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Good content, but no subscribers?

Proper page promotion is not possible without complying with the system requirements, but it happens that you upload great pictures, and there are still a few followers. What should I do?

1. Use proven account promotion services, such as ALL-SMM. In a short time, you can break out of the gray mass and reveal yourself to the Insta-world, gathering a loyal live audience. 99% of Instagram stars started this way and don’t hide it, because the competition is too great.

2. Follow the trends. Perhaps your photo works and their processing have long been “last century” or vulgarity? Be in the trend. Once frames and processing to the ideal were at the peak of popularity, today they will only cause irritation.

3. Make sure you don’t forget to sign the photo. Text content is as important as visual content! The exception is the profiles of professional photographers.

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Communicate with subscribers, provoke discussions, conduct contests, and surveys, do not disappear for a long time and do not get bored, track the reaction and engagement, like and comment – in short, learn blogging as a profession. A lot of information about this is freely available on our website. Learn and practice! Good luck!