What TikTok is About. What the Earnings Depend On

TikTok is a social network for youth with an entertainment bias. It can be used to create and distribute short videos. The platform of this application will allow to become the owner of a blog with the possibility of monetization. How to earn money on Tik Tok? Let’s figure it out.


  • Features of the social network TikTok
  • Advertising other channels
  • Advertising brands and their products
  • Conclusion
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Features of the social network TikTok

Like other social networks, TikTok allows to follow other people’s channels. So you can start following other user accounts. But do not forget that you can develop your own channel and attract new followers. The more of them, the greater is the opportunity to earn on this social network.

This platform is based on the creation of entertaining content. There is the possibility of imposing various effects:

  • Creating a false smile
  • Transformation into animals
  • Distortion of facial expressions
  • The effect of rain with the stopped drops

This is only a part of what the author of the video can use when creating it. There is a possibility of overlaying the audio sequence: melodies, phrases from films, etc.

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Advertising other channels

The easiest way to monetize a channel is to advertise other users. If you have a sufficient audience, then the owners of other channels will get in touch with you and ask to advertise their profile. This is a fairly popular practice used in other social networks. There are even special exchanges where customers can find channels for advertising.

Advertising brands and their products

The second way to monetize is advertising goods and products. It is not yet highly developed, but with the growth of the audience TikTok will surely be a success. In this case, you need to advertise not another user of this social network, but a brand. Such advertisements can be ordered by the manufacturers of youth clothing, electronic gadgets, various city events, etc.

Depending on what method of monetization is chosen, it is important to promote your profile so that other users and advertisers pay attention to you. To do this, you need to fill a creative video and carry out the account promotion. If your account has only 100 Tik Tok fans, then you can hardly count on good income.

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TikTok current popular social network, which allows to get income from maintaining your channel. You can use it to advertise other users or promote brands. Users with a large number of followers have all the opportunities to become celebrity bloggers with high income. Same as in other social networks.